Game Day.

Lake Day.

Any Day.

Not just another hotel.
not just another lakehouse.

Lakeside Lodge Clemson takes the best parts of a hotel—the amenities, the housekeeping, the food, the beverages, the services, and the responsiveness—and matches them with ownership and an on-site management program.


The best of both worlds.

Your condo is right on beautiful Lake Hartwell, and the neighboring marina enables all kinds of boating options. You’re minutes from campus, Death Valley, and Littlejohn. Hotel amenities are included, so no more changing sheets, washing towels, or fixing things— it’s all done for you. Plus, you have the opportunity to rent your entire unit when you’re not using it, or just part of it if you don’t need the whole thing. 

Floor Plans That simply WORK (for you).

Studio, two- and three-bedroom condos are available, and all are well-appointed and comfortably sized. The two- and three-bedroom plans are lockable, meaning you have the option of renting out one or two of the bedrooms rather than the entire unit.

The Ultimate Clemson Experience

This is not just an ordinary town with just an ordinary college that fields just ordinary teams. This is Clemson. And soon, you’ll be able to enjoy a more comfortable and rewarding experience with it than ever before.

The Lay of the land

Lakeside Lodge will offer features and amenities right on the property that might give you second thoughts about heading out to the stadium.


Activity Field


Tailgate Area


Bar & Restaurant


Pool & Hot Tub


Fire Pit


Walking Paths

This is just about the last remaining piece of land of this quality, with these views, right on the lake, this close to campus and the sporting venues.

This is clemson.

There’s something very special here. And soon, there’ll be someplace very special here in which to share a spirit, an energy, and a passion that transcends both time and distance. This is Clemson, where you’re swathed in orange as you enter this world and shrouded in orange as you depart it, and where everyday in-between revolves around rankings and IPTAY and “can you get me a couple of good ones near the 50 yard line for next Saturday’s game?”

This is Clemson, beckoning you home again.

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