At first, 1995 Clemson grad Trey DuBose wasn’t sure if he wanted to invest in a luxury condo at Lakeside Lodge: “We had looked at different options for a second home…. but there’s that sense of guilt that if you’re not using it, you’re wasting your time, you’re wasting your money.” It was the fact that Lakeside Lodge offered a different path that convinced him it was the right decision. 

In the video, Trey explains how “…Lakeside Lodge really frees [us] up. We can get to be up here when we want to, but when we’re doing something else or we’re busy with other activities, it’s getting used in another way. The rental program allows us to still use the facility even when we’re not here.”

Watch the video for more insight into Trey’s decision, and to find out what he’s most looking forward to.

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