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This is more than a lakefront condo with luxury amenities. Lakeside Lodge provides hassle free vacations and stress free property ownership experiences. When you’re not using your condo, place it in the hotel management rental program.


Why Buy?

There are so many reasons why people have chosen to invest in Lakeside Lodge Clemson. As you watch the video and read the quotes you’ll start to notice a familiar refrain — friends, family, luxury amenities, and effortless vacations. It’s all right here.

Unfold, unpack, enjoy. It’s just one stop. And that’s where we are in our lives right now, we want as much ease as possible where you enjoy the whole experience without having to pre-plan every single thing. I love that part. I absolutely love that I can step in, enjoy the game with friends, and pack up and leave.

Teresa Debruhl

Owner, Lakeside Lodge Clemson

What made us buy? We just like the whole concept. We can stay there as much as we want to, we can leave when we want to, and don’t have to worry about getting a maid to clean it up. It’s convenient and we thought it was a great investment.

Penny Hinton

Owner, Lakeside Lodge Clemson

If you love Clemson, this is the best slice of Clemson that you can get. There is no other place that has the level of amenities that Lakeside Lodge is gonna have. When you talk about the swimming pool, the conference space, the onsite restaurant and bar. Plus, for my kids they are looking forward to that football field. They want to be able to go out and play outside. Those amenities right there on Lake Hartwell are incredibly attractive.

Trey DuBose

Owner, Lakeside Lodge Clemson

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